Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Minor in Architectural History

Course Requirements

This interdisciplinary minor administered by the Department of Art History is designed for students interested in exploring architectural history from a variety of disciplines. This unique minor allows students to understand architecture from the points of view of many different methodologies and disciplines, including those of art/architectural historians, architects, urban designers, landscape architects/historians, historic preservationists, classicists, archaeologists, anthropologists, historical geographers, and social historians. The interdisciplinary minor in architectural history can be of particular interest and utility to students pursuing careers in architecture, landscape architecture, art history, historic preservation, historic site management, urban planning, interior design, engineering, anthropology, archaeology, classics, American studies, history, and historical geography.

Undergraduate Bulletin

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Faculty Advisor: Dr. Craig Zabel, 240 Borland Building, cxz3@psu.edu, 814-865-4874

Staff Support:  Erica Nodell, 240 Borland Building, exn30@psu.edu, 814-865-4873