Faculty/Staff News

Dr. Anthony Cutler
Oct 2018
October 26-27 Anthony Cutler, Evan Pugh Professor in Art History will give a lecture titled “Alan’s 'Bare Basilius': When Historians and Art Historians Coalesce.” at Columbia University's Center for the Ancient Mediterranean: Conference in Memory of Alan Cameron.
Oct 2018
https://news.psu.edu/story/538635/2018/09/27/public-events/materiality-color-art-historians-return-source The “Bugs, Boulders, Beakers: The Materiality of Artists’ Colors,” conference held Oct 5-6th at Penn State organized by Dr. Sarah Rich & Dr. Daniel  Zolli, engaged artists, scholars and scientists in discussions about history, methodologies and artmaking. See conference album here.  */ Conference albums: https://aarc.arts.psu.edu/?c=694&k=ed1577c505  https://aarc.arts.psu.edu/?c=693&k=7f5587749b 
Dr. Madhuri Desai
Sep 2018
  Dr. Madhuri Desai, Associate Professor of Art History and Asian Studies, presented a paper “The Mughal Temple during the Long Seventeenth-century,” at a symposium on “Indian Temple Architecture and Modernity,” held at the School of Oriental and African Studies, London, September 10-11, 2018