Undergraduate Minor In Art History

The minor in art history provides students with a broad introduction to the history of art, as well as the opportunity for more specialized study in one or two fields. Specialized study may concentrate on one region of the world (e.g. Africa) or one period (e.g. Renaissance). A student should seek the advice of the minor advisor for course selection.

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Kyrie Harding

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The study of art history develops a student’s visual acuity by providing a critical understanding of visual culture in a diversity of societies around the world. Students learn to understand art within the contexts of religion, politics, philosophy, culture, technology, society, and gender. A minor in art history can be of particular interest for students pursuing careers in art, art education, history, anthropology, archaeology, classics, architecture, landscape architecture, theatre, English, foreign language/literature, geography, cultural studies, international business, and arts administration.


Any major (except art history) in good standing at Penn State can declare a minor in art history.