Art History Undergraduate Scholarship Award Opportunities

Regional Art History Symposium – Conference of art history undergraduate students for the central PA area (usually takes place in April)
Deadline – late January, nominated by faculty

Diane and Craig Zabel Scholarship in Architectural History
Established by Craig and Diane Zabel, consideration for this annually-funded scholarship shall be given to undergraduate students minoring in Architectural History in the College of Arts and Architecture. 

Townley Memorial Scholarship – Department Art History scholarship for art history majors who have applied to study abroad
Amount – approx. $1,800.00
Deadline – Late February
Golumbic Award – College of Art and Architecture scholarship for academic excellence (must have at least one additional semester at Penn State after term in which award is given)
Amount – approx. $6,500.00
Deadline – late February
Erickson Discovery Grants – University Awards for supervised undergraduate research
Amount - $3,500.00
Deadline – Mid October Student application due
            -January, faculty letters due
Frisbey International Student Awards – Office of Global Programs award for international students
Amount - $2,000.00
Deadline – mid-January
Presidential Leadership Academy – University mentoring program for future leaders (must apply as Freshmen)
Deadline – late February
Hockenberry Scholarship – College of Arts and Architecture scholarship for students with demonstrated need
Amount – approx. 2,900.00
Deadline – Early September
Creative Achievement Awards- College of Arts and Architecture awards for students who have enhanced the arts (preferably in final year)
Deadline- spring semester (art history faculty nominated)
Alumni Society Scholarships – College of Arts and Architecture scholarships funded by alumni (for rising seniors)
Deadline – mid-February
Amount – approx. 1,000.00
Clark Scholarship - College of Art and Architecture Scholarship
Amount – approx. $650.00
Deadline – rotates between departments, so not available every year; October deadline
Art History Paper Prize – Department of Art History book award
Deadline – Early April, nominated by faculty
Deadline for current students – March
Student Engagement Network Grants – awards for service and research projects
Amount – 3,000.00
Deadline – mid-March
Arts and Architecture Opportunity Fund for Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities -funds provided by Office of the Dean to support undergraduate research and creative activities
Rolling Deadline