Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Minor in Architectural History

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21 Credits

A grade of C or better is required for all courses in the minor.

This minor is open to students in all majors. Majors in Art History, American Studies, Anthropology, Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies, and Geography may only double-count 6 credits taken in their major field towards this minor.

Prescribed Courses: 6 credits (suggested semester: 1-4)

Art H 201 (GA;IL) Ancient to Medieval Architecture (3)

Art H 202 GA; US; IL) Renaissance to Modern Architecture (3)

Additional Courses (15 credits)

Select 3 credits from the following: LARCH 060 or ARCH 210

LARCH 060 (GA) History of Design on the Land (3)

ARCH 210 (GA) Introduction to Architecture and Planning Theories(3)

Select 12 credits from the following list, including at least 6 credits at the 400 level. No more than 9 credits can be taken from any one department.

AM ST 460 American Art and Architecture of the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries (3)

AM ST 461 American Art and Architecture of the Nineteenth Century (3)

AM ST 462 American Art and Architecture of the 20th Century (3)

AM ST 481 Historic Preservation (3)

ANTH 008 (GS;IL) Aztecs, Mayas, and Incas (3)

ANTH 009 (GS;IL) Rise of Civilization in the Old World (3)

ANTH 420 (J ST 420) Archaeology of the Near East (3)

ANTH 422 Meso-American Archaeology and Ethnography (3)

ANTH 423 The Evolution of American Indian Culture (3)

ARCH 312 Critical Postcolonial and Contemporary Perspectives in South Asian Architecture (3)

ARCH 316 (GA) Analysis of Human Settlements: Cities (3)

ARCH 317 Theory of Modern Japanese Architecture (3)

ARCH 417 The Language of Boundaries in Architecture and the Landscape (3)

ARCH 499C (IL) Urban Studies Topics (3)

ART H 120 (GA;IL) Asian Art and Architecture (3)

ART H 140 (GA;IL) Introduction to Pre-Columbian Art and Architecture (3)

ART H 304 (GA;IL) Italian, Spanish, and Spanish Colonial Art and Architecture (3)

ART H 307 (GA;US) (AM ST 307) American Art (3)

ART H 308 (GA;US) (AM ST 308) American Architecture (3)

ART H 315 (GA;IL) Architecture and Art of South and Southeast Asia (3)

ART H 330 (GA;IL) Islamic Architecture and Art (3)

ART H 401 (IL) Greek Art and Architecture (3-9)

ART H 405 (US;IL) Pioneers of Modern Architecture (3-6)

ART H 411 (IL) Roman Art (3-9)

ART H 412 (IL) The Gothic Cathedral (3)

ART H 413 (IL) Architecture of the Medieval Monastery (3)

ART H 415 (US) The Skyscraper (3)

ART H 420 (IL) Russian Architecture (3)

ART H 440 (IL) Monuments of Asia (3-9)

ART H 456 Renaissance and Baroque Palaces (3)

ART H 458 Baroque Capitals of Europe (3)

ART H 460 (IL) Art and Empire: Aztec, Inca, and Spanish (3)

ART H 497 Special Topics (3) [if topic is architectural history]

Recent examples:

Asian Cities / Film

Ancient Egyptian Sanctuaries

Ancient Villas: Egyptian, Greek, Roman

Medieval Art & Architecture in Southern Italy & Sicily

Rome: A City on Film, History, Fantasy and Realism 1898-2010

Italian Renaissance Architecture

CAMS 012 (GH;IL) (J ST 012, RL ST 012) Lands of the Bible (3)

CAMS 015 (GH) Wonders of the Ancient World (3)

CAMS 020 (GH) Egyptian Civilization (3)

CAMS 090 (GH;IL) (J ST 090, RL ST 090) Archaeology of Jerusalem: Past and Present (3)

CAMS 140 (GH;IL) Classical Archaeology--Ancient Greece (3)

CAMS 150 (GH;IL) Classical Archaeology--Ancient Rome (3)

FR 137 (GH;IL) Paris: Anatomy of a City (3)

GEOG 120 (GS;US;IL) Urban Geography: A Global Perspective (3)

GEOG 122 (GH;US) The American Scene (3)

GEOG 423Y (US) Historical Geography of North America (3)

GEOG 427 (US;IL) Urban Historical Geography (3)

HIST 456Y (US) The Social History of American Vernacular Building, 1607-1980 (3)

INART 410 (AM ST 410) Early Pennsylvania Decorative Arts and Furniture (3)

INART 415 (AM ST 415) Nineteenth Century Pennsylvania Architecture and Restoration (3)

LARCH 361W Historic Issues in Landscape Architecture (3)

LARCH 497 Special Topics (3) [if topic is history]