Graduate Theses

Masters Theses or Papers since 1995



  • Christiansen, Sarah. " Memory, Borders, and the Nation: Shilpa Gupta and the Tabooed Other" (Advisor Dr. Madhuri Desai)
  • Burch, Nathan. "Render Unto Caesar: The Role of Numismatic Imagery in the Lombardian Architectural Renaissance" (Advisor Dr.Robin Thomas)

  • Crawford, Olivia. "Models of Colonization: Théodore Chassériau and the Jewish Communities of Colonial Algeria" (Advisor Dr. Nancy Locke)
  • ​Duffy, Ashley. "Glut on the Market: Robert Rauschenberg's Rome Flea Market and Post-War Italy" (Advisors: Drs. Sarah RIch and Adam Thomas)
  • Hagen, Emily K. "Horrendo spettacolo: Urban teatro, Spectacle, and Public Execution in Early-Modern Rome" (Advisor Dr. Robin Thomas)
  • Ishizaki, Amyko. "Shadow Landscapes The Ecologiacal and Cultural Memeories in XU Bing's Background Story Series" (Advisor Dr. Chang Tan)


  • Megas, Joan. “Mary Cassatt’s Color Prints" (Advisor: Dr. Nancy Locke)
  • O'Reilly, Lydia. "Visualizations of Divine Light in Orthodox and Sufi Mysitcism" (Advisor: Dr. Anthony Cutler)



  • Daiker, Sarah.  “‘Poems of Past Ages’: George Grey Barnard and Washington National Cathedral” (Advisor:  Dr. Elizabeth B. Smith).
  • Fee, Franchesca.  “In the Presence of Saints:  Cardinal Oliviero Carafa and St. Thomas Aquinas in the Carafa Chapel, Santa Maria sopra Minerva, Rome” (Advisor:  Dr. Brian A. Curran).
  • Finnegan, Haley. “Bagrati Cathedral: Post-Soviet National Identity and the Reconstruction of Georgia’s Medieval Past”, Advisor: Dr. Anthony Cutler).
  • Mongelluzzo, Keri.  “Framing Death: Mirrors, Masks, and the Objectness of Man Ray’s Photographic Portraits” (Advisor:  Dr. Nancy Locke).
  • ​Popovici, Catherine H.  “Imperial Aspirations: The Sala de los Símbolos Solares Mural Cycle at Mayapán, Yucatán, Mexico” (Advisor:  Dr. Amara Solari).
  • Sánchez Barona, Angélica María. “Carving the Blackness:  Colonial Representations of Black Women in a Nativity Scene from La Escuela Quiteña” Co-Advisors: Dr. William Dewey and Dr. Amara Solari 
  • Thompson, Katelyn.  “Toward a Montefeltro Style:  Federico da Montefeltro’s Ducal Palace in Gubbio” (Advisor:  Dr. Brian A. Curran).



  • Etz, Karly. "Digital Skins: The Rise of the Digital Tattoo in Contemporary Art" (Advisor: Dr. Sarah K. Rich).
  • Good, Felicity E. B.  “A Lost Eyckian Painting and a Possible Fifteenth-Century Prototype for Quentin Metsys’ The Moneylender and His Wife” (Advisor: Dr. Charlotte Houghton).
  • Heidenreich, Claire. "Decoration and Devotion: The Catholic Nabis" (Advisor: Dr. Nancy Locke).
  • McGill, Jinny. "National Identity and Architecture in the Meiji and Taisho Eras: Josiah Conder and Japanese Modernism" (Advisor Dr. Madhuri Desai).



  • Koltiska, Katherine.  “Jean-Léon Gérôme and the Academic Female Nude” (Advisor:  Dr. Nancy Locke).
  • Santarelli, Nina.  “Con Temp l’Azione:  The Art of Protest in Late 1960s Italy” (Advisor:  Dr. Sarah K. Rich).
  • Surrena, Abbey R.  “Emilian Quadratura: Theatrical Representation in the Palazzo Pitti”  (Advisor:  Dr. Brian A. Curran)



  • Almeida, Laura Freitas.  “Through the Colors of Michael Snow’s Wavelength” (Advisor:  Dr. Sarah K. Rich).
  • Balay, Jillian.  “Gnomons and Icons: Frank Stella’s Purple Paintings, 1963” (Advisor:  Dr. Sarah K. Rich).
  • Betz, Timothy.  “The Artist and the Friar:  Botticelli, Savonarola, and the Business of Art” (Advisor:  Dr. Brian A. Curran).
  • Kim, Allison.  “Cangianti and the Poetics of Color in Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel Ceiling” (Advisor:  Dr. Brian A. Curran).
  • Sawhill, Jennifer.  “A Real Presence: Nocturnal Evil and Terra Verde in the Refectory Frescoes of Tor de’Specchi in Rome” (Advisor:  Dr. Brian A. Curran).
  • Scalissi, Nicole Frances.  “Butch in 3-D:  Alternative Femininity in Andy Warhol’s 3-D Paintings” (Advisor:  Dr. Sarah K. Rich).
  • Williams, Ashley.  “Re-Building Rome:  Representation of the Urban Landscape in Neorealist Cinema (1945-55)” (Advisor:  Dr. Brian A. Curran).
  • Wilson, Kristina.  “Occupying the Orient:  Kirchner in the Context of German Orientalism” (Advisor:  Dr. Nancy Locke).
  • Ziolkowski, Aaron.  “Transparent Abstraction:  Abstract Art and Bank Architecture in 1950s Manhattan” (Advisor:  Dr. Sarah K. Rich).



  • Dieglio, Ana.   “The Reception of Michelangelo's Non-Finito in Nineteenth-Century France and Italy”  (Advisor:  Dr. Brian A. Curran).
  • Gilbreath, Patrick Lowry.   “Visualizing Modern ‘Primitive’ Music: Blanding Sloan’s Jazz—The New Possession” (Advisor:  Dr. Charlotte Houghton).
  • Isner, Matthew.  “Magic in the Social Sphere:  Amuletic Armbands in Early Byzantium”  (Advisor:  Dr. Anthony Cutler)
  • Kowalski, Denise.  “Cross-Cultural Influences in the Ciboria of the Abruzzi Workshop of Ruggero, Roberto and Nicodemo”  (Advisor:  Dr. Elizabeth B. Smith).
  • Valle, Gianina.  “Whistler in Valparaiso and the Negation of the Newsworthy”  (Advisor:  Dr. Nancy Locke).



  • Brown, Marlise.  “‘The Scepter of Fashion’: The Markgräfin von Bayreuth, the Immoral ‘Luxury Arts’ of the Eighteenth Century, & Giuseppe Galli-Bibiena - the ‘Zeuxis’ of quadratura Architecture” (Advisor:  Dr. Brian A. Curran).
  • Hoorneman, Elizabeth. “Mythology and Symmetry in Claude Chabrol’s Les Biches” (Advisor:  Dr. Sarah K. Rich).



  • Buckley, Cali. “Undead Anatomies:  Dissection, Representation, and the Public in Sixteenth-Century Europe” (Advisor:  Dr. Charlotte Houghton).
  • Guida, Katie. “History, Modernity, and Memory in the Legend of St. Francis in the Upper Basilica of San Francesco at Assisi” (Advisor:  Dr. Brian A. Curran).
  • Kutasz, Theresa Ann. “Understanding Intention and Reception:  Fakes, Forgeries and Imitation of Antiquities in the Renaissance” (Advisor:  Dr. Brian A. Curran).
  • Morcomb, Andrew Trae. “Consuming Constantinople: Procession of Süleyman the Magnificent through the Hippodrome in Europe” (Advisor:  Dr. Brian A. Curran).
  • Swindle, Stephanie. “Paul Gauguin and Spirituality” (Advisor:  Dr. Nancy Locke).
  • Woodford, Kate. “Mammy's Cupboard, Natchez, 1941, by Edward Weston” (Advisor:  Dr. Nancy Locke).



  • Reif, Jo-Ann. “Going Round God’s Holy Mountain:  Dance in Pilgrimage from Sinai to Montserrat” (Advisor:  Dr. Elizabeth B. Smith).
  • Howells, SaraLouise.  "The Effigy of Jean d'Alluye, The Cloisters Collection 25.120.201:  An Investigation Beyond the Tomb," (Advisor:  Dr. Elizabeth B. Smith).
  • Izzo, Whitney.  "Beyond the Façade: Maxime Du Camp's Photographs of Egypt," (Advisor:  Dr. Brian A. Curran).
  • Sivert, Laura.  "The Language of Lithography in Matière et Mémoire: Jean Dubuffet's Critique of Henri Bergson," (Advisor:  Dr. Sarah K. Rich)



  • Boutwell, Angela.  "Michelangelo and the Laocoön: Discovery, Deception, and Celebrity," (Advisor:  Dr. Brian A. Curran).
  • Busterna, Stephen J.  "Stumped:  Observations Inspired by a Neglected Dionysian Symbol in Michelangelo's Bacchus," (Advisor:  Dr. Brian A. Curran).
  • Chapman, Roberta.  "Saint-Séverin Church through the Lens of Eugène Atget," (Advisor:  Dr. Nancy Locke).
  • Jerome, Katybeth.  "The Power of the Feminine in Nature:  An Exploration of the he Potnia Theron, Caryatids and Etruscan Bucchero Vessels," (Dr. Elizabeth J. Walters).
  • Neeley, Margaret.  "Performing Nobility.  Poverty, Art, and Legacy:  Michelangelo's Quest for Gloria," (Advisor: Dr.  Brian A. Curran).
  • Tritch, Gretta .  "La mise en scène icarienne:  The Construal of Utopian Space in Nauvoo, Illinois, 1849-58," (Advisor:  Dr. Craig Zabel).



  • Ellerbee, Genevieve."Flesh of My Flesh: Catherine of Siena and Images of the Stigmata in Italian Renaissance Painting", (Advisor: Dr. Brian A. Curran).
  • Gallant, Leah."The Inadequacy of Place: Martha Rosler's 'The Bowery in Two Inadequate Descriptive Systems", (Advisor: Dr. Sarah K. Rich).
  • Gear, Jennifer."Salvator Rosa's Empedocles Leaping into Etna: A Cross-Disciplinary Approach to Satire and the Irony of Counter-Narrative", (Advisor: Dr. Brian A. Curran).
  • Hammons, Leslie."Lucas Samaras, Box 38, and Exposing the Gendered Self", (Advisor: Dr. Brian A. Curran).
  • Kutis, Barbara."Images of an Avant-Garde Mother: Joan Brown's Paintings of her Son", (Advisor: Dr. Sarah K. Rich).
  • Mednicov, Melissa."Before and After: Morris Louis Bernstein", (Advisor: Dr. Sarah K. Rich).
  • Moses, Kelema Lee."East Harlem During the 'Great Migration' of the Mid-Twentieth Century in Architecture and Photography", Advisor: Dr. Craig Zabel).
  • Ray, Elise M."Primordial Akhenaten: The King as the Divine Manifestation of the Heliopolitan Solar Cosmogeny", (Advisor: Dr. Elizabeth J. Walters).
  • Uz, Merih."The Dialectics of Transformation in Istanbul: The Destruction, Preservation and Appropriation of the Byzantine Architectural Heritage by the Ottoman Sultans (1453-1590)", (Advisor: Dr. Anthony Cutler).



  • Gonnam, Robin."The Cassiopeia Mosaics: A Reevaluation of Late Antique Mosaics Through Paideia", (Advisor: Dr. Elizabeth J. Walters).
  • Gratiy, Rachel L."With Wings Like Eagles: A Study of Novgorodian Teratological Frontispieces from the Late Thirteenth Century to the Early Fifteenth Century", (Advisor: Dr. Elizabeth B. Smith).
  • Holloran, Sarah A."Music, Math, and Machines: Stella, Covert, and Dove Piece Together American Culture", (Advisor: Dr. Leo Mazow).
  • Ivancovich, Kimberly."Domenico Beccafumi's Two St. Michaels: Decorum and Piety in High Renaissance Siena", (Advisor: Dr. Brian A. Curran).
  • Musial, Kimberly."Whip It Good: Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec's Circus Drawings of 1899", (Advisor: Dr. Nancy Locke).
  • Newman, Emily."The Search for Sarah Lucas in her Self-Portraits 1990-1998", (Advisor: Sarah K. Rich).
  • Poulin, Katie A."Debatable Sexuality: The Religious Conflict Between the Calvinists and the Libertines in Joachim Wtewael's Maryrdom of Saint Sebastian", (Advisor: Dr. Charlotte Houghton).
  • Wisehart, Christiane."Blood, Sweat and a Clean Uniform: The Laboring Body in Depression-Era Photography", (Advisor: Dr. Sarah K. Rich).



  • Dynof, Rachel M."Female Saint Imagery: A New Tradition in Renaissance Painting", (Advisor: Dr. Brian A. Curran).
  • Fenner, Matthew."Conversations in Medieval Architecture: A Guide to Deciphering Relationships Between Local Lower Austrian Architecture and the Cistercian Abbeys of Heiligenkreuz and Zwettl", (Advisor: Dr. Elizabeth B. Smith).
  • Jordan, Courtney."Uccello's Battle of San Romano in Connection to Domestic Art and the Medici", (Advisor: Dr. Charlotte Houghton).
  • Newberry, Elesha,"Walkenried, Goslar, and the Harzburg: Monastic and Secular Systems of Water Control in Medieval Germany", (Advisor: Dr. Elizabeth B. Smith).
  • Spielvogel, Kathryn Eileen. "'We Are the Same as Prostitutes': The Politics of Desire, Commodity, and Ambiguity in Kirchner's Artillerymen", (Advisor: Dr. Nancy Locke).



  • Monrad, Margaret M."Marketing Magnolias in Flagler's Florida: Martin Johnson Heade and the Performance of Natural History.", (Advisor: Dr. Leo Mazow).
  • Veil, Adam H."Romancing the South: The Author-Artist Persona of T. Addison Richards", (Advisor: Dr. Leo Mazow).
  • Szalay, Gabriella."Contesting the Colossal: Maerten van Heemskerck’s Eristic Self-Portrait,", (Advisor: Dr. Charlotte Houghton).
  • Johnson, Elizabeth."Choose Your Own Adventure: Miwa Yanagi’s Challenge to Norms of Femininity in Japan,", (Advisor: Dr. Sarah K. Rich).
  • Howell, Stacey Lynn. "Il Crocifisso di Michelangelo nella Chiesa di Santo Spirito, Firenze: A Look at the Michelangelo Controversy.", (Advisor: Dr. Brian A. Curran).
  • Hartnett, Beverlie. "Bawdy, but Learned: A New Analysis of the Vespucci Bacchanals of Piero di Cosimo.", (Advisor: Dr. Brian A. Curran).



  • Ehrfurth, Carrie."The Lustron Home: An Analysis of a Remarkable yet Flawed Design.", (Advisor: Dr. Craig Zabel).
  • Russo, Caroline. "Sofonisba Anguissola: Self-Images of a Woman Artist.", (Advisor: Dr. Brian A. Curran).
  • Wheeler, Sarah B."Rembrandt Peale's Court of Death.", (Advisor: Dr. Sarah K. Rich).



  • Hess, Kristine M. "The Saint’s Presence and the Power of Representation: A Reliquary Box Depicting the Life of St. John Prodromos,", (Advisor: Dr. Anthony Cutler).
  • Fritsch-Hammes, Christine."Architectural Changes to the Insane Asylum in 17th-Century Amsterdam", (Advisor: Dr. Charlotte Houghton).
  • Boehman, Jessica Marie. "Between Florence and Rome, 1630: Finelli's Portrait of Michelangelo il Giovane Dell'Api,", (Advisor: Dr. Brian A. Curran).
  • Dolan, Julia K."Retribution à la Mode: Vogue Magazine's Response to the Holocaust,", (Advisor: Dr. Glenn Willumson).
  • Hanson, Kate E. "'Autographs' and Autonomy: The Portal of Sant' Andrea Within the Context of Early Communal Pistoia,", (Advisor: Dr. Elizabeth Bradford Smith).



  • Colón Mendoza, Ilenia. "Ramon Frade's El Pan Nuestro: El Jíbaro as Symbol of Puerto Rican National Identity.", (Advisor: Dr. Carmen B. Lord)
  • Dierkes, Anne-Louise. "The Two Faces of Janis: Marisol's Portrait of an Art Dealer, in Context,", (Advisor: Dr. Sarah K. Rich).
  • Hess, Gerald A. "Exploring a Contrast: The Tivoli Centaurs: Hellenistic or Hadrianic?", (Advisor: Dr. Elizabeth J. Walters).
  • Malone, Sara G. "The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts: Architecture of Controversy.", (Advisor: Dr. Craig Zabel).
  • Roy, Jennifer L. "The Concorso Clementino of 1713 at the Accademia di San Luca in Rome.", (Advisor: Dr. Susan C. Scott).



  • Cumming, Laura Beth. "Symbols of a Courtly Era: Elaine de Kooning's John F. Kennedy Portraits.", (Advisor: Dr. Sarah K. Rich).
  • Haxall, Daniel. "Through the Eyes of a Poet: Nicolas Calas in the 1940s.", (Advisor: Dr. Sarah K. Rich).
  • Malady, David S. "The Origins of Sexpartite Rib Vaulting in 12th Century Norman Architecture.", (Advisor: Dr. Elizabeth B. Smith).S
  • LaMore, Stephanie. "Jan Müller: Living in America.", (Advisor: Dr. Sarah K. Rich).



  • Costanzo, Denise Rae. "The House of the Griffins Revisited: Luxury and Taste in Republican Rome.", (Advisor: Dr. Elizabeth Walters).
  • Foster, Andrea L. "'Tu Vincis in Martir': Images of Martyrdom and the Revival of Ecclesiastical Antiquity in Early Counter-Reformation Rome.", (Advisor: Dr. Brian A. Curran).
  • Goodman, Ellen W. "One Man's Trash: Bruce Conner and the Beat Generation.", (Advisor: Dr. Craig Zabel).
  • Hertwig, Petra. "The Image of the Consul in Late Antiquity: A Phenomenon of Cultural Similitude.", (Advisor: Dr. Anthony Cutler).
  • Waring, Courtney M. "'The Quest for the Holy Grail' Murals by Edwin Austin Abbey.", (Advisor: Dr. Craig Zabel).



  • Geiger, Melissa S. "Frederick Carl Frieseke and the Macbeth Gallery: An American Impressionist and his New York Gallery.", (Advisor: Dr. Craig Zabel).
  • Johns, Gwyn Ann. "The Re-Evaluation of Sparta's Terracotta 'Masks.", (Advisor: Dr. Elizabeth J. Walters).
  • Livingston, Kathrine S. "Propaganda, Politics and Papal Rome: Suger's Mosaic Tympanum on the West Facade of Saint-Denis.", (Advisor: Dr. Elizabeth Bradford Smith).
  • Paris, Laura. "Frederick L. Olds and the Early Buildings of Penn State.", (Advisor: Dr. Craig Zabel).
  • Seymour, Roberta P. "'Do this in remembrance of me:' Supper Scenes and the Importance of the Eucharist in the Choir of San Martino.", (Advisor: Dr. Jeanne Chenault Porter).



  • Bruhn, Heather C. McCune. "The Construction of German and French Late Gothic Monstrances.", (Advisor: Dr. Elizabeth Bradford Smith).
  • Dow, Douglas N. "Facility Causes the Greatest Wonder: Parmigianino's Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror and Sixteenth-Century Artistic Conventions.", (Advisor: Dr. Anthony Cutler).
  • Eanes, Brian D. "'To The Earth, To The Light': Michelangelo's Pauline Chapel Frescoes As Catholic Reaction.", (Advisor: Dr. Anthony Cutler).
  • Fisher, Gretchen Anna. "The Tomb of Hor em Khauef: A Survey of the Tomb of an Egyptian High Priest from the Second Intermediate Period in Consideration of the Unusual Circumstances and Consequences Surrounding the Depiction of Women in Said Tomb.", (Advisor: Dr. Elizabeth J. Walters).
  • Price, Marshall. "Eugène Boudin: Normandy Landscape Tradition, Landscape Theory, and the Notion of Modernity.", (Advisor: Dr. George Mauner).
  • Streb, Jennifer L. "Henry Koerner and the Second World War: An Artistic Response to the Holocaust.", (Advisor: Dr. Craig Zabel).
  • Vickers, Jennifer Louise. "Living the Fantasy: Southern Vernacular Used Within the Entertainment Architecture at Walt Disney World.", (Advisor: Dr. Craig Zabel).
  • Wentzel, Lawrence R. "Shaping the Byzantine Mind: The Function of Decoration in 10th-12th Century Illuminated Manuscripts.", (Advisor: Dr. Anthony Cutler).



  • Dearing, Robin. "Catherine Morris Wright (1899-1988): A Study of her Life and Work.", (Advisor: Dr. George Mauner).
  • Lombardi, Beth. "The Influence of Jacob Jordaens on Artists in the Seventeenth Century Artists in the Northern Netherlands.", (Advisor: Dr. Roland Fleischer).
  • Richard, Susanne Loomis. "The French Caravaggeschi: An Iconographical Study of the Fortune-Teller.", (Advisor: Dr. Jeanne Chenault Porter).



  • Gliem, David E. "Art as Philosophy: The Thematic Relationship between Thomas Couture and Edouard Manet.", (Advisor: Dr. George Mauner).
  • Malady, Jennifer J. "The New York Skyscraper on Film, Circa 1933.", (Advisor: Dr. Craig Zabel).