Requirements for the Ph.D. in Art History


Fields of Study for the Comprehensive Examination

Three fields are to be chosen for the examination—one major, two minor. The three fields must be represented by three different members of the department's graduate faculty (each field is listed with its faculty member[s]). The fields have been organized under major groups (i.e., Medieval). A maximum of two fields may be chosen from any single major group. The three fields must be chosen in consultation with the student's advisor. A student should discuss with each faculty member what the parameters of each field are. A field may be modified by a faculty member with the approval of the Director of Graduate Studies.



South and East African Art (Dr. Dewey)

Art of the African Diaspora (Dr. Dewey)


Architecture and Art of South Asia (Dr. Desai)

Architecture and Art of Southeast Asia (Dr. Desai)

Imperial Chinese Art and Architecture (Dr. Tan)

Modern and Contemporary East Asian Art (Dr. Tan)


Oceanic Art (Dr. Dewey)


Art and Architecture in Mesoamerica (Dr. Solari)

Art and Architecture in South America (Dr. Solari)


Egyptian Art and Architecture (Dr. Walters)

Greek Art and Architecture (Dr. Walters)

Roman Art and Architecture (Dr. Walters)

Late Antique, Early Christian, and Byzantine

Late Antique and Early Christian Art and Architecture 

Byzantine Art and Architecture 


Early Medieval Art and Architecture 

Romanesque Art and Architecture

Gothic Art and Architecture 


Architecture (Dr. R. Thomas)

Early Modern European Art (Dr. Zolli)


Architecture (Dr. R. Thomas)

Southern European Art (Dr. R. Thomas)

Flemish and Dutch Art 

Colonial Latin American Art and Architecture (Dr. Solari)

Colonial North American Architecture (Dr. Zabel)

Late Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries

European and British art and art historiography (Dr. Mansfield)

European Art (Dr. Locke)

American Art (Dr. Rich)

Photography (Dr. Locke)

European and American Architecture (Dr. Zabel)

After 1900

European Art, ca. 1900–1940 (Dr. Locke)

American Art, ca. 1900–1940 (Dr. Rich)

Photography (Dr. Locke)

Art Since 1940 (Dr. Rich)

Architecture (Dr. Zabel)

Art of the United States, Museum Studies (Dr. Robey)