Requirements for the Ph.D. in Art History


Doctoral Committee

This committee must include at least four members of Penn State's graduate faculty, one of whom must come from outside the Department of Art History. The other three members of the committee normally are the dissertation advisor, who is the chair, and two members of the art history faculty who represent minor areas of the candidate's field of study. The committee should be formed soon after a student passes the candidacy examination. Before the committee is appointed, the student should consult with his/her advisor concerning the committee's membership and meet with all potential members of the committee to see if they agree to serve. The student and all members of her/his committee should review and sign the "Graduate Student Committee Policies and Procedures and Committee Appointment Signature Form" (available in 240A Borland). This form must then be signed by the department head and forwarded to the Graduate School.

The "outside"member of the committee engages the expanse of scholars in other fields at Penn State whose interests are interdisciplinary with art history.  Here is the current list of “outside” faculty members serving on art history doctoral committees:

Jennifer Boittin, Associate Professor of French, Francophone Studies, and History

Ann Clements, Associate Professor of Music Education

Jonathan Eburne, Professor of Comparative Literature and English

Greg Eghigian, Associate Professor of Modern History

Garrett Fagan, Professor of Ancient History

Deryck Holdsworth, Professor of Geography

Ronnie Hsia, Edwin Earle Sparks Professor of History

Nina Jablonski, Evan Pugh University Professor of Anthropology 

Lise Nelson, Associate Professor of Women’s Studies and Geography

Simone Osthoff, Professor of Art

Donald Redford, Professor of Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies and History

Christopher Reed, Professor of English and Visual Culture

Anne Rose, Distinguished Professor of History & Religious Studies

Sherry Roush, Professor of Italian

Kathryn Salzer, Assistant Professor of History       

Willa Z. Silverman, Professor of French and Jewish Studies

Marica Tacconi, Professor of Musicology

Adrian Wanner, Liberal Arts Research Professor of Slavic and Comparative Literature

Ran Zwigenberg, Assistant Professor of Asian Studies, History, and Jewish Studies