Requirements for the Ph.D. in Art History


Ph.D. Candidacy Examination

The University requires this examination for entrance into candidacy in a doctoral program. This entrance exam must be taken before the end of the sixth week of the first semester of full-time doctoral study, and will take the form of an oral examination (about 90 minutes). The examination will be given by three members of the graduate faculty in art history; this panel will consist of two faculty members with whom the student is considering working and the department’s Director of Graduate Studies (or department head). The student will be examined on her/his general knowledge of the history of art and intended fields of specialization. This is not a comprehensive examination, but a diagnostic test of the student’s art historical strengths and weaknesses. The panel will then evaluate the student’s performance and may recommend or require that the student take extra course work in specific fields. This exam must be passed before the end of three semesters of study (excluding summers). It is the responsibility of the graduate student to find an agreeable date, time, and location for all involved in the candidacy exam.