Graduate Theses

Ph.D. Dissertations since 1995


  • Ferguson, Elissa, “The Depiction of Women in the Tombs of their Sons in New Kingdom Egypt” (Advisor, Dr. Elizabeth Walters)
  • Davis, Laurin Goad "Fighting for the Children: Open-Air Architecture and the Student Body in the United States, 1904-1940" ( Advisor, Dr. Craig Zabel
  • Hoge, Heather, “From Conqueror to King: Roger II’s Early Building Program of Cefalù Cathedral in a Multicultural Context” (Advisor: Dr. Elizabeth Smith)
  • Petersen, Elizabeth, “Architecture and Audience in Donatello’s Florentine Reliefs” (Advisor, Dr. Robin Thomas)


  • Christensen, Theresa Kutasz, "Queen Christina of Sweden and the Politics of Antiquities Collecting in Early Modern Rome" (Advisor: Dr. Robin Thomas)


  • Buckley, Cali, "Crafting the Image of the Human Body: The Development of Interactive Anatomical Models in Early Modern Europe" (Advisor: Dr. Charlotte Houghton)
  • Millard, Robert, "Live, Struggle, and Die: A Study of Antique Forms in Late-Quattrocento Sculpted Reliefs" (Advisor: Dr. Brian Curran) 


  • Schiller, Emily A. “Unsettled Masses: Public Transportation in the Art of New York City, 1929-1941” (Advisors:  Dr. Nancy Locke and Dr. Leo Mazow).
  • Zins, Katie [Guida]  “St. Augustine Among the Mendicants: The Order of Augustinian Hermits and Art in Early Renaissance Italy” (Advisor:  Dr. Brian A. Curran). 



  • Aly, Reham, “Ceremonial and Economical Life in the Royal Palace of New Kingdom, Egypt” (Advisor:  Dr. Elizabeth J. Walters).
  • Kulpa, Pierette.  “From Michelangelo to Mussolini: Devotion, Attribution, and Appropriation in the Cultural Biography of the Pietà di Palestrina” (Advisor:  Dr. Brian A. Curran).
  • Moses, Kelema Lee.  “Kingdom, Territory, State:  An Architectural Narrative of Honolulu, Hawai’i (1882-1994)” (Advisor:  Dr. Craig Zabel).
  • Swisher, Christine B.  “Beyond Euthenics:  Home Economics and the Reinvention of the American House, 1893-1939” (Advisor:  Dr. Craig Zabel).
  • Tritch Roman, Gretta.  “The Reach of the Pit: Negotiating the Multiple Spheres of the Chicago Board of Trade Building in the Late Nineteenth Century” (Advisor:  Dr. Craig Zabel).



  • Barry, Kristin.  “Framing the Ancients:  A Global Study in Archaeological and Historic Site Interpretation” (Advisor:  Dr. Elizabeth J. Walters).
  • Datchuk, Kimberly Musial.  “Spectacular Maneuvers: Explorations of Sexual Deviancy and Early Film in Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec’s Circus Drawings”  (Advisor:  Dr. Nancy Locke).
  • Langusi, Daniela.  “Wenzel Cobergher and His Neapolitan Years, 1580-1598: Flemish Expatriates, Money, Piety, and Erudition” (Advisor:  Dr. Charlotte Houghton).
  • Sivert, Laura Boyd.  “Powering a Nation:  The Cultural Landscape of the Tennessee Valley Authority, 1933-1945” (Advisor:  Dr. Craig Zabel).
  • Staab, Katherine.  “Tactile Pleasures:  Secular Gothic Ivory” (Advisor:  Dr. Elizabeth B. Smith).



    • Cochran Anderson, Jennifer.  “Wooden Devotional Sculpture in Ireland, 1100-1800” (Advisor:  Dr. Elizabeth B. Smith)
    • Mednicov, Melissa L.  “I Only Have Eyes For You:  Rock ‘n’ Roll, Fandom, and International Pop Art” (Advisor:  Dr. Sarah K. Rich).



    • Dean, Kristin V. “Reshaping the Neoliberal City:  The Politics of Cooperation and Movimiento de Ocupantes e Inquilinos in Buenos Aires, Argentina” (Advisor:  Dr. Craig Zabel).  
    • Olson-Rudenko, Jennifer. “Francisco de Zurbarán’s Paintings for the Calced and Discalced Mercedarians in Seville” (Advisor:  Dr. Brian A. Curran).



    • McCann, Carmen L. “‘Status Viatoris’:  A New Construction of Death in Paintings by Théodore Géricault and Eugène Delacroix and Prints of Père Lachaise Cemetery, 1815–1830” (Advisor:  Dr. Nancy Locke).
    • Tóth, Edit. “From Activism to Kinetism:  Modernist Spaces in Hungarian Art, 1918-1930. Budapest – Vienna – Berlin” (Advisor:  Dr. Nancy Locke).



    • Costanzo, Denise R. “The Lessons of Rome:  Architects at the American Academy, 1947-1966” (Advisor:  Dr. Craig Zabel).
    • Emmer, Janalee. “Autobiographical Projects: Women Artists and Identity in the Second Half of Nineteenth-Century France” (Advisor:  Dr. Nancy Locke).
    • Haxall, Daniel. “Cut and Paste Abstraction: Politics, Form, and Identity in Abstract Expressionist Collage” (Advisor:  Dr. Sarah K. Rich).
    • Lippert, Sarah.   "Theory, Practice, and Competition in the Visual Arts:  The Fortunes of the Paragone in French and British Nineteenth-Century Art", (Advisor:  Dr. Brian A. Curran).
    • Mazow, Alissa Walls.  "Plantae, Animalia, Fungi: Transformations of Natural History in Contemporary American Art", (Advisor:  Dr. Sarah K. Rich).



    • Abbott, Janet G.  "The Barnett Aden Gallery: A Home for Diversity in a Segregated City" , (Advisor:  Dr. Joyce Robinson).
    • Colón Mendoza, Ilenia.  "El Cristo Yacente: Polychrome Sculptures of the Supine Christ in Seventeenth-Century Spain", (Advisors:  Dr. Jeanne Cheanault Porter and Dr. Brian A. Curran).
    • Ubbels, Krista Marie.  "Wild Women on Wares:  An Examination of the Changes in the Image of the Attic Maenad", (Advisor:  Dr. Elizabeth J. Walters).



    • Noonan, Jennifer. "Romancing the Stone: Printmaking and the Body in the 1960s and 1970s", (Advisor: Dr. Sarah K. Rich).



    • Bruhn, Heather C. McCune. "Late Gothic Architectural Monstrances in the Rhineland, c. 1380-1480: Objects in Context",  (Advisor: Dr. Elizabeth B. Smith).
    • Dow, Douglas N. "Confraternal Piety and Corporate Patronage: A Reconstruction of the Art and Oratory of the Compagnia di San Giovanni Battista dello Scalzo, Florence", (Advisor: Dr. Brian A. Curran).



    • Geiger, Melissa S. "Robert Rauschenberg's Oracle, Soundings, and Carnal Clocks: A Socio-Historical Critique", (Advisor: Dr. Jeanne C. Porter).
    • Marshall, Darlene. "The Character of Home: The Domestic Interior in American Painting, 1862-1893,", (Advisor: Dr. Sarah K. Rich and Dr. Craig Zabel).



    • Streb, Jennifer L."Minna Citron: A Socio-Historical Study of an Artist's Feminist Social Realism in the 1930s.", (Advisor: Dr. Sarah K. Rich).



    • Bentz, Katherine. "Cardinal Cesi and his Garden: Antiquities, Landscape and Social Identity in Early Modern Rome.", (Advisor: Dr.  Brian Curran)
    • Jolivette [Reed], Catherine Jane. "The 'Britishness' of British Art: Landscape, Art and Identity, 1951-1956.", (Advisor: Dr. Sarah K. Rich).
    • Stanford, Charlotte, "Building Civic Pride: Strasbourg Cathedral from 1300 to 1349.", (Advisor: Dr. Elizabeth B. Smith).
    • Tuck-Scala, Anna Kiyomi. "The Documented Paintings and Life of Andrea Vaccaro (1604-1670).", (Advisor: Dr. Jeanne C. Porter).



    • Stavros, Margo. "Precious Metals in Byzantine Art and Society, 843-1204,", (Advisor: Dr. Anthony Cutler).
    • Gliem, David E. "Pierre Bonnard: Le Nabi très Japonard,", (Advisor: Dr. George Mauner).



    • Keating, Mary O. "The Genre Interior in English Painting: From Dutch Origins to Native Solutions,", (Advisor: Dr. George Mauner)
    • Fleming, Alison C. "Emerging from the Shadow of Giotto: The Riminese School and Other Masters in the Trecento Marche,", (Advisor: Dr. Brian A. Curran).



    • Snay, Cheryl K. "Politics by Another Name: Government-Sponsored Art in Paris, 1871-1900.", (Advisor: Dr. Craig Zabel).



    • Burk, Efram. "Testament to American Modernism: The Prints of William and Marguerite Zorach.", (Advisor: Dr. Jeanne Chenault Porter).
    • Grash, Valerie S. "The Commercial Skyscrapers of Pittsburgh Industrialists and Financiers, 1885-1932.", (Advisor: Dr. Craig Zabel).



    • Liou, Elaine Yu-Ling. "Cardinal Georges d'Amboise at the Château de Gaillon at the Dawn of the French Renaissance.", (Advisor: Dr. Elizabeth Bradford Smith).



    • Gabrielli, Julia Triolo. "The Armorial Maiolica of Francesco Xanto Avelli.", (Advisor: Dr. Jeanne Chenault Porter).
    • Hirshon, Stephen. "Matisse: Luxe, calme et volupté-Humor and Harmony in this Earthly Paradise.", (Advisor: Dr. George Mauner).
    • Ploog, Randy J. "Manierre Dawson: A Chicago Pioneer of Abstract Painting.", (Advisors: Dr. Craig Zabel and Dr. George Mauner).
    • Rylance, Keli. "St. Luis Beltrán in Valencian Art and Pageantry.", (Advisor: Dr. Jeanne Chenault Porter).
    • Schruers, Eric. "Industrialism in Early Twentieth-Century American Art: A Catalogue Raisonné of the Edward Steidle Collection at the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences, The Pennsylvania State University.", (Advisor: Dr. George Mauner).
    • Verderame, Lori Ann. "The Sculpture of Seymour Lipton: Themes of Nature in the 1950s.", (Advisor: Dr. Craig Zabel).



    • Hemzik, Pamela S. "Illuminated Moral and Devotional Compilations and Lay Piety in Fourteenth-Century Metz.", (Advisor: Dr. Anthony Cutler).
    • Munshower, Susan Scott. "Filippo Juvarra's Spatial Concepts and Italian Stage Design: The Consummation of a Renaissance Discovery.", (Advisor: Dr. Hellmut Hager).
    • Schwartz, Susan W. "The Suburban Corporate Headquarters in the United States: An Evolving Building Type.", (Advisor: Dr. Craig Zabel).