Link to The Palmer Museum of Art Web Site.Babcock Galleries Endowed Fund in Art History

Established by the late Michael St. Clair, fifth director of Babcock Galleries in New York, New York, one of America’s oldest and most respected art galleries, to provide financial support to established graduate students enrolled in the Department of Art History in order to enable them to conduct research towards the completion of their master’s thesis and/or doctoral dissertations.


Francis E. Hyslop Memorial Graduate Fellowship

Established by family, friends, colleagues and from other gifts in memory of the late Francis E. Hyslop, professor of art history at the University from 1934 until his retirement in 1974. Consideration for this fellowship shall be given to all graduate students in the Department of Art History who have achieved above-average grades and who have demonstrated strong personal character and integrity.


George Dewey and Mary J. Krumrine Endowment

Established by the late Jack M. Krumrine (’53 B.A. Commerce) and his wife and former faculty member, Mary Louise Krumrine (’53 B.S. Medical Science, ’78 M.A. and ’84 Ph.D. Art History), to honor the late George Dewey and Mary J. Krumrine, Jack Krumrine's parents. This endowment has supported the publication of most of the volumes in the series Papers in Art History from The Pennsylvania State University. Since 2003, funds generated by this endowment have been used to support publication projects by faculty and graduate students of the Department of Art History.


Harold A. Dickson Memorial Lectureship in Art History

Established by Mary Neilly (’47 B.A. Journalism) to honor the late Professor Dickson for his contribution to The Pennsylvania State University with program support for distinguished speakers and scholars to visit the campus, lecture and work with faculty, graduate and undergraduate students.


John C. O’Connor Endowed Graduate Fellowship in Art History and Art Museum Studies

Established by John C. O’Connor (’38 B.S. Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering) and his wife, Dorothy O’Connor, to recognize full-time graduate students studying art history or art education with preference given to students who are working on internships and/or assistantships within the Palmer Museum of Art.


Louise D. Purcell Memorial Art History Endowment

In memory of the late Louise D. Purcell, by Donald and Kathryn McClintock (’87 M.A. Art History), to enrich the Department of Art History by providing monies to defray travel expenses of graduate students who are involved with thesis research, professional development and related activities.


Susan W. and Thomas A. Schwartz Endowed Fellowship for Dissertation Research in Art History

Established by Susan W. Schwartz (’95 Ph.D. Art History) in memory of her husband, the late Thomas A. Schwartz, to support a superior dissertation research project of a Ph.D. candidate enrolled in the art history graduate program.


Thomas A. and Susan W. Schwartz Travel Award in Art History

Established by Susan W. Schwartz (’95 Ph.D. Art History) in memory of her husband, the late Thomas A. Schwartz, as an annually funded internal award for graduate students for use as travel research grant.

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